Operationally Essential Net Lease

Invest in private corporate’s operationally critical real estate with a focus on industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Sale proceeds must be used to support growth and the strengthening balance sheet of our corporate partners.


  1. Single-tenant assets which serve a critical function for the company
  2. Long leases, usually 15 to 20-years
  3. Investments from $10M to $200M +

Build to Rent & Shared Ownership Housing

Evolving demographics and a more mobile population continue to change what users want from renting or owning a home.

New build houses and townhomes designed for renters, within a community structured setting, is an underserved market.

Prefabricated and panelized construction techniques enable a more efficient and customizable build-process suited for build to rent.

Investment structures enabled by the US Jobs Act allow potential renters to share alignment with owners in residential housing value appreciation.

Transport, Energy, & Communication Modernized Assets

The unrelenting advancement of technology continues to expand our understanding of how we live, work, and play.

Key technologies affecting the future demands of real estate can be categorized through transport, energy, and communication.

We are focused on building a better understanding of how we can position real estate to benefit from these fundamental changes.